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Kitchen Knife Handle Materials. Do you know what your knife is made of?

What’s My Knife Made Of? Kitchen Knife Handle Material

A simple guide to kitchen knife handle material. What’s the best knife handle material for you?

mozzarella and ricotta stuffed chicken with tomato sauce

Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Chicken Breasts

These spinach and ricotta stuffed chicken breasts are golden brown, juicy, and have a delicious cheese center. Serve them with a rustic tomato sauce for a simple healthy meal in under 30 minutes.

baked ziti with chicken and spinach, or pasta al forno

Baked Ziti with Chicken and Spinach

This baked ziti with chicken and spinach is a delicious and simple pasta bake, i.e. pasta al forno. The golden brown mozzarella on the top covers the creamy ricotta and tomato pasta on the bottom providing layers of textures and flavors.

italian chicken cutlet with lemon herb sauce

Italian Chicken Cutlets with Creamy Lemon Herb Sauce

These Italian chicken cutlets are a tried and true method to produce tender and flavorful chicken every time. Serve with this simple lemon herb sauce for a delicious dish.

air fryer chickpeas with cilantro

Spicy Air Fryer Chickpeas With Cilantro

These spicy air fryer chickpeas are an easy, delicious, and healthy snack. Toss these crunchy chickpeas with fresh cilantro at the end for a fresh tasty treat.

Ideas for Best chef knife under 100 and Best Chef Knife Under 50

Best Chef Knife Under 100 & Best Chef Knife Under 50

Great chef knives for reasonable prices. Ideas for the best chef knife under 100 & the best chef knife under 50

red lentil Pasta rigatoni

How to Make Red Lentil Pasta

Making red lentil pasta from scratch is easier than you think with this recipe. Get your pasta fix in the healthiest way possible, with gluten free and protein packed red lentils. This red lentil pasta recipe makes a beautiful red pasta that is so delicious you won’t even miss the wheat!

fix a salty stew

How To Fix A Salty Soup or Sauce

Learn how to fix a salty soup or sauce with these techniques, from absorbing salt with potatoes to dilution and masking with other flavors. Mistakes happen, so make sure you know these practical solutions to rescue oversalted soups and sauces.

chioggia beet

Chioggia Beets

Dive into the world of Chioggia beets—also known as candy stripe, candy cane, or bull’s eye beets. Discover the origins, flavor, seasonality, availability, and recipes showcasing these visually stunning and nutrition-packed root vegetables.

brunoise golden beets for tartar

What is the Brunoise Cut?

Mastering various knife cuts is an essential skill that distinguishes an amateur cook from a professional. Among these precision cuts is the brunoise cut, a useful cut that is refined, attractive, and produces wonderful textures. This post covers the brunoise knife cut, how to perform it, and how to use it

How to fix a burnt sauce

How to Fix a Burnt Sauce (or Stew)

Every now and then, things go sideways in the kitchen. This post covers how to fix a burnt sauce, soup, or stew. This post also addresses how to prevent this problem so that we do not have to worry about how to save a burned sauce in the first place.

whipped honey

Whipped Honey

Discover the delightful world of whipped honey with our easy-to-follow guide. Learn how to transform crystallized honey into a creamy spread, along with mouthwatering recipe variations for whipped honey butter and flavorful twists.

beet tartare with avocado

Beet Tartare

Beet tartare is a delicious vegetarian take on the classic steak tartare. This vegetarian tartare will impress with its sophisticated fine cuts and elegant presentation. Beet tarare is a beautiful, healthy, and versatile dish that is deceptively simple to prepare.