I’m Anthony, and welcome to my food blog, The Flavor Dance.  

The Flavor Dance is a place on the web where I share my recipes, ideas, and all things food and cooking. Take a look around and let me know what you think!

About me: I have worked as a professional chef for over 12 years. I currently live in Los Angeles and work full time as a private chef for a software company. My daily work involves creating and preparing healthy seasonal meals that look and taste delicious. It’s a great gig!

Before I worked as a private chef, I worked as sous chef in French restaurants in Los Angeles. Most recently, I was sous chef at Le Petit Paris in downtown LA. Before that I served as sous chef at Belle Vie, a French bistro in Brentwood. I have also worked in Italian and New American restaurants as well as worked as a bread baker.

Though I have always loved food and cooking, it wasn’t my first career. My first path was in science and researching the human brain. I received my Ph.D. in perceptual neuroscience from the University of Chicago and researched the human visual system for over a decade. I realized however that I was happier in the kitchen working with my hands and creating dishes that make people happy and healthy.

When I’m not doing something related to food, I enjoy exercising, reading, playing guitar, watching MST3K, watching mma, and spending time with my girlfriend Mary.

Happy Cooking!  And don’t forget to sign up below for recipes and cooking tips!

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