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best paring knife

Best Paring Knife

A useful list to find the best paring knife for your peeling, trimming, and other fine knifework needs. The Paring Knife The paring knife is the number two in the kitchen.  If the chef knife is Batman, then the paring knife is Robin.  It is much smaller, lighter, and maneuverable than the chef knife.  Therefore […]

best bundt pan

The Bundt Pan

The Bundt pan is a dougnut shaped baking vessel designed and trademarked by Nordic Ware in the 1950s and 1960s. Inspired by the European cake Gugelhupf, the circular Bundt pan would become the most popular selling pan in the US. Since the original fluted Nordic Ware bundt pan design, a large range of different shapes and mini bundt pans exist.

star anise plant

Star Anise Substitute, Flavor, and Benefits

Star anise is a wonderful spice named after the star shape of the anise pods. It contains a warm anise flavor and is frequently paired with cinnamon and clove. This post also covers star anise benefits to your health as well as ingredients to use as a star anise substitute.