rutabaga fries with herb garlic yogurt

Air Fryer Rutabaga Fries with Herb Garlic Yogurt

If you like rutabaga, these air fryer rutabaga fries with herb garlic yogurt are an easy low carb treat. The parmesan and lemon garlic dipping sauce stand up to the bold earthy flavor of the rutabaga.

Air Fryer Rutabaga Fries

Rutabagas are a root vegetable resembling the shape of a turnip. In fact, they are a cross between turnips and cabbage. Unlike turnips, their flesh is a light yellowish orange. Their flavor is quite strong – being earthy, a little bitter, and a little sweet.

ingredients for air fryer rutabaga fries

Air fryer rutabaga fries are an easy way to prepare this vegetable. For the fries, you’ll need rutabaga, olive oil, salt, parsley, and parmesan. First peel the rutabaga and then cut into thick fry shaped batons. Toss the cut rutabaga with olive oil and salt and then cook in 390 deg air fryer for about six to eight minutes. Shake the air fryer basket and cook another five to eight minutes. The rutabaga should be golden brown and cooked through. Toss the air fried rutabaga fries with parmesan and parsley.

rutabaga fries

Herb Garlic Yogurt

Serve the air fryer rutabaga fries with a quick herb garlic yogurt dipping sauce. Simply mix plain yogurt with some grated garlic, chopped parsley, some freshly squeezed lemon juice, and salt. Sprinkle more parmesan and parsley on the air fryer rutabaga fries and dip into the creamy garlic yogurt dipping sauce.

air fryer rutabaga fries with parmesan

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