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Cheese Storage At Home: Cheese Storage Containers and Cheese Storage Bags

Practical solutions for cheese storage at home. This post covers cheese storage bags and cheese storage containers, including a cream cheese container and a sliced cheese container

Simple Cheese Storage

When storing cheese at home, two factors should be considered. First, cheese contact with air should be minimized to prevent dehydration (as well as other issues). If the cheese dries out, it loses its intended texture and may become unpalatable. However, some air contact is necessary because the cheese must still be allowed to breathe. Cheese contains living organisms, and these organisms need oxygen to live. Further, excess moisture may build up without proper ventilation. This excess moisture can lead to mold.

cheese will need cream cheese storage container, cheese container, and cheese storage bags
Assorted Cheese Plate

Second, the cheese storage container or cheese storage bag should be designed for compact, convenient, and safe storage. Most people have limited space in their refrigerators. Good compact organization makes efficient use of this limited space, makes using the refrigerator more convenient, and is also more pleasant to the eye and mind.

Cheese Storage Container – Cheese Vault

The Capabunga Cheese Vault is a great solution for proper cheese storage. The design of this cheese container allows the cheese to breathe to prevent moisture build up and mold. Moveable inserts allow you to change the size of compartments to store cheese in a compact and convenient way. This cheese storage container is dishwasher safe.

Cababunga Cheese Vault

Cheese Storage Bags

These cheese storage bags are an excellent solution for storing cheese. The cheese bags allow the cheese to breathe, but not so much as to cause dehydration. Using cheese storage bags is convenient since there is no clean up. Cheese storage bags are also compact since there is no container to take up extra space.

Formaticum Cheese Storage Bags

Sliced Cheese Container

This sliced cheese container is a cute solution to store cheese slices. If you are storing processed cheese slices, no need to worry about dehydrating and breathing. This sliced cheese container is compact, safe, convenient and a fun choice for kids.

Joie Cow Cheese Slice Container

Cream Cheese Container

This butter and cream cheese container from OXO is very practical. Non-slip design keeps this cream cheese storage container from sliding while cutting or accessing cream cheese. The tray contains markings to measure measure and reference when using. This cream cheese container is dishwasher safe.

OXO Butter and Cream Cheese Dish

Below are some general storage containers that can be used for cheese and deli meat storage, cheese presentation, and a ricotta cheese container.

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