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Choosing the Best Blender: Top 9 Home Blenders

Find the best blender to do everything from make smoothies to cook soup.

Professional Countertop Ninja Blender

This Ninja blender is an excellent choice for home blender. It is a very powerful mixer at this price.  With its 6 blade design and 1100 W power, this ninja blender can pulverize ice and other frozen ingredients.  The large pitcher volume of this ninja mixer allows you to blend in large batches.  In addition, there are two smaller portion cups which are perfect for blending a smoothie and taking it on the go.

Volume:  64 oz.

Weight:  7.6 lb

Height:  17 in.

Power:  1100 W

Warranty:   1 yr

Made in:   China

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender

This Vitamix blender is an excellent choice from an excellent company.  Vitamix is a very reputable US manufacturer based in Ohio and founded in 1921.  The motor base features 10 variable speeds and a pulse button, which is all you need.  This Vitamix blender is very powerful at 2 hp (which converts to 1490 W if you want to compare with the other blenders).  The pitcher volume  for this Vitamix mixer is 48 oz, so if you wish to blend a large volume you may have to blend in batches.

Volume:  48 oz.

Weight:  10.5 lb

Height:  18 in.

Power:  2 hp

Warranty:   3 yr

Made in:   USA

Instant Pot Ace Plus 10-in-1 Smoothie and Soup Blender

The Instant Ace Plus comes from the makers of Instant Pot, a Canadian manufacturer founded in 2010 that specializes in multicookers.  This Instant Pot blender is a great value at this price for the amount it can do.  The Instant Pot mixer comes with 10 different blending speeds and 8 one-touch programs.  The display on the base is large, easy to read, and will even display the cooking temperature within the pitcher.  This Instant Pot blender even has a program to keep food warm in the pitcher after cooking.

Volume:  54 oz.

Weight:  11.7 lb

Height:  17 in.

Power:  26500 rpm

Warranty:   1 yr

Made in:   China

Professional Series 750 Vitamix Blender

Here is another solid Vitamix blender on this list, from the Ohio based blender manufacturer.  This Vitamix liquidizer is probably the best straight up blender on this list, and it is also the most expensive.  This is the most power that Vitamix offers at 2.2 hp (1640 W), so it will make easy work of all your blending tasks.  The large pitcher at 64 oz means you can get blend large batches, but the low profile shape makes it easier to fit in your kitchen.  This Vitamix mixer has a simple dial controlled variable blending speed and comes with 5 pre-programmed settings that automate common blending tasks.

Volume:  64 oz.

Weight:  11.5 lb

Height:  17.5 in.

Power:  2.2 hp

Warranty:   3 yr

Made in:   USA

Cleanblend Blender

This Cleanblend blender is very powerful and very reasonably priced.  The 1800 W makes it one of the more powerful blenders on the list, and this power is controlled on the base with a variable speed dial.  The blending pitcher is large at 64 oz, so you can blend large batches.  It is a tall appliance at 19 in., in case you are worried about being able to fit it under the kitchen cabinets on the counter.  With a 5 year warranty, this powerful gadget will only cost you $3 per month at the most.

Volume:  64 oz.

Weight:  12 lb

Height:  19 in.

Power:  1800 Watts

Warranty:   5 yr

Made in:   China

Diamond Vortex 5-Speed KitchenAid Blender

This KitchenAid blender is a popular choice and great value. Kitchen Aid is a large US manufacturer of kitchenware started in 1919.  This KitchenAid blender is a good lower price option for  someone who doesn’t need a powerful appliance; this gadget is at 0.9 hp (670 W), which is a good bit lower than the others on this list.  The blending pitcher is large at 60 oz, so you will be able to blend large batches.  With a 5 year warranty, this KitchenAid mixer will cost you at most $1.50 per month.

Volume:  60 oz.

Weight:  10 lb

Height:  16.5 in.

Power:  0.9 hp

Warranty:   5 yr

Made in:   USA

Total Classic Original Blendtec Blender

Here is an outstanding Blendtec blender, a US blender manufacturer based in Utah and started in 1975.  Blendtec blenders are both engineered and assembled in the US.  At 1560 W, this is a very powerful appliance that will make light work of most of the blending tasks you give it.  This Blendtec blender has a very large blending pitcher at 75 oz, so you can blend large batches, yet the height is still short at 15.4 in. making it easier to store. With an 8 yr warranty, you would be paying at most $3.50 per month to own this extremely powerful device.

Volume:  75 oz.

Weight:  7.38 lb

Height:  15.5 in.

Power:  1560 W

Warranty:   8 yr

Made in:   USA

Activesense Calphalon Blender

This is a great Calphalon blender, a US kitchenware manufacturer founded in 1963.  Calphalon’s ActiveSense comes with a large 67 oz. blending pitcher for blending large batches, plus a smaller blending cup for taking smoothies on the go.  This Active Sense model features active sense technology, which adjusts power to maintain constant blade speed regardless of consistency of the mixture.  At 1200 W, this Calphalon blender is very powerful.  With the generous 10 year warranty, this kitchen machine will cost you less than $2 per month.

Volume:  67 oz.

Weight:  9.6 lb

Height:  16 in.

Power:  1200 W

Warranty:   10 year

Made in:   USA

The Fresh and Furious Breville Blender BBL620SIL

Here’s a great Breville blender with a fun name from an Australian brand specializing in kitchen appliances that was founded in Sydney in 1932.  The Kinetix contoured blade blends evenly leaving your mixture lump-free, while operating quietly and efficiently.  The blending pitcher is a bit on the smaller side at 50 oz, which is not a problem if you don’t plan on blending large batches.  At 1100 W, this Breville blender is moderately strong compared to the other blenders on this list.  With the 3 year warranty, this Breville appliance will cost you at most $5.50 per month.

Volume:  50 oz.

Weight:  11.45 lb

Height:  18 in.

Power:  1100 W

Warranty:   3

Made in:   China

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