fifteen funny food puns

Fifteen Funny Food Puns: Lettuce Begin…

Impress your kitchen mates with your cooking skills as well as your food wordplay. Here are fifteen funny food puns to lighten things up in the kitchen.

Food Puns

A little bit of wordplay around food and cooking is a great way to get a smile in the kitchen. Add a little harmless kitchen humor to your arsenal and your kitchen compadres will think you’re one in a melon. Here are fifteen funny food puns ranging from veggies to cheese and wine. So without further fondue…

banana gun man

Vegetable Food Puns

Everyday we’re brusselin’

Turnip the beet

beet f

Please romaine calm

I’m kind of a big dill

Peas out

pea italian food puns

Dairy and Cheese Food Puns

That’s a lot of cheddar, Jack

It doesn’t get feta than this

You’re my butter half

mexican food puns butter

Seafood Puns

Don’t be shellfish

seafood puns shrimp shellfish

Just for the halibut

Indian Food Pun

You’re second to naan

Mexican Food Pun

If you don’t like tacos, I’m nacho type

mexican food puns

Other Cute Food Puns

I believe I can fry

Don’t go bacon my heart

You’re the wine that I want

Food Knock Knock Jokes

Here are some other corny food jokes:

What do you get when pigs play Tug of War? Pulled pork

How does a pirate like his steak? Rarrrrrr…

Why did the banana go to the doctor? She wasn’t peeling well

What did the cupcake say to the icing? I’d be muffin without you

What does a nosy pepper do? Gets jalapeno business

What did the waiter say when he dropped the hot dog? Well that’s a shame but it could have been wurst

Did you see the cheese factory after the explosion? Everything was covered in de Brie

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