cheese wheel about to be broken down by cheese grater

From the Cheese Wheel to the Plate: Finding the Best Cheese Tool

Grating, Shredding, Slicing, Shaving, and Cutting Cheese: Choosing a Cheese Tool

Cheese is best bought and kept whole (such as a block or wheel). Once the cheese is grated, shredded, sliced, shaved, or cut, the inside is exposed to the air. Moisture and aroma are lost in the air, and the flavor and quality of the cheese goes downhill. As a result, cheese is best when it is freshly grated, sliced, etc. as close to serving time as possible. This can be difficult to do without the proper cheese tool for the task.

Best Cheese Tool

This post contains the best cheese tools organized by category. Finding the best cheese tool to serve you and your guests cheese with ease is easy. The appropriate cheese tool depends on desired result. For manual grating or shredding cheese, there are box graters and rotary cheese graters. Otherwise, there are electric cheese graters for grating cheese without physical effort. Cheese slicers and cheese knives are the best cheese tools for slicing and cutting cheese, respectively.

Cheese Storage

Once your cheese has been cut using the appropriate cheese tool, it should be stored properly to preserve quality and extend its lifetime. This post covers easy cheese storage solutions to use at home.

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