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How To Peel Ginger: 3 Easy Methods

How to peel ginger using three different methods: a spoon, a paring knife, and a vegetable peeler

how to peel ginger: 3 methods
Fresh ginger and peeling tools

How To Peel Ginger?

This video shows three different easy methods for how to peel ginger. The first method uses a spoon, the second uses a paring knife, and the third uses a vegetable peeler. All methods work well for peeling fresh ginger; the results in the video are similar for all three methods.

In my opinion, the spoon is the best tool for peeling ginger. It is quick, convenient, and does a good job at getting in the tough nooks and crannies along the fresh ginger. Check it out!

Do you have to peel ginger?

This is a popular related question. If the ginger is older, as you typically find in the grocery store, the skin is papery. In this case, it is recommended to peel. If you are simply infusing, say as for making tea or a vegetable stock or broth, you can put the ginger in sliced and UNPEELED. Then remove the unpeeled ginger after cooking/infusing and discard. However, if you plan on actually consuming the ginger, peeling is recommended.

Recipes Using Fresh Ginger:

Asian Chicken Cabbage Wraps

Oven Poached Chicken

Butternut Squash with Garlic Ginger Honey Butter

do you have to peel ginger
Three different tools to peel ginger

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