How To Safely Pack Your Kitchen Appliances for a Move

Learn the essential steps for safely packing your kitchen appliances before a big move in our simple guide. Our FIVE easy to follow tips will ensure a smooth, safe, and successful move. Start your journey to a new home with confidence!

Packing and Moving Your Kitchen Appliances

You are likely familiar with packing up for a big move. You probably know how to securely pack furniture, clothes, books, your dishes, and other large items like a television, workout equipment, or a luxurious bar cart.

But what about your kitchen appliances? And how about other kitchen tools? Kitchen appliances can be fairly delicate, and one drop can entirely destroy something very expensive, like your microwave or blender. 

Other items can be very dangerous to drop, like knives. Knives should be packed safely for transportation. Their blades should never be exposed or able to cut through the packaging. Other items need to be packed such that they’re not being compressed like a wired whisk.

So what’s the best way to pack your kitchen appliances for the big move? Well, here are five easy to follow tips to ensure a smooth and safe move!

Gather the Right Supplies

So, it’s not always as easy as getting cardboard boxes. Sometimes, you’re going to need some very special supplies when it comes to your kitchen utensils, tools, and your kitchen appliances. You’ll want to consider some of these if you have them: 

  • Sturdy cardboard boxes in various sizes (however, plastic totes would be even better for kitchen appliances)
  • Packing paper or bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Ziplock bags for small parts
  • Marker for labeling

Clean Up Everything Thoroughly

Sometimes, food and residue manage to stay in the nooks and crannies of kitchen appliances. It has a way to find little spots that are hard to clean. Since you’re moving, and this is a new beginning, why not freshen up your kitchen appliances?

Thoroughly cleaning your kitchen appliances not only ensures that your items are in good condition but also prevents them from dirtying any other items during transit. As you clean, take the opportunity to declutter and donate or discard items you no longer use or need.

Plus, having no stains or spots on your kitchen appliances is going to help make the new home look and feel more new.  You want start with your new clean kitchen with clean appliances.

Disassemble What You Can

It might be a bit of a headache to take time and break down your kitchen appliances. However, it is the best thing to do for a successful move. Most importantly, it will help prevent any damage from happening. You don’t want the pieces of your kitchen appliances coming apart by themselves during the move.

Usually, things like a Kitchen Aid Mixer, food processor, Food Dehydrator, and a blender are going to have this option. As a general guideline:

1.) Break apart your kitchen appliance into its component pieces

2.) Wrap the components individully with bubble wrap

3. ) Keep all pieces of the appliance together in the same box.

Secure Small Parts

Whether it’s tiny little screws, small rubber pieces, bands for the blender, or anything else, it’s best to keep them in a small ziplock bag and keep them labeled. If you lose some of these tiny pieces, there’s a chance that your kitchen appliance may become flat-out useless.  Putting these small pieces securely in a labeled ziploc bag can help avoid huge headaches down the road.

Label Everything

Boxes that are fragile should be marked “fragile”. In addition, each box should have a label(s) that indicates its contents, i.e. which appliance(s) are inside. This is necessary for when the boxes arrive at your new home.

Labels are also very important during the moving process. For example, maybe you decide to hire reliable cross country movers to get the work done; the movers need to know exactly what they need to handle with care.

So when labeling boxes, remember to list

1.) the contents of the box

2.) any special handling information, e.g. “FRAGILE”

Follow these steps and your next move is sure to be a huge success! 

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