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Peanut Oil Substitute

Which oils are the best peanut oil substitute? This post compares unrefined and refined oils that make a good peanut oil replacement.

Peanut Oil

Peanut oil comes from…you guessed it…peanuts. It is a vegetable oil and is also referred to as groundnut oil. Refined peanut oil is known for its high smoke point, which makes it an excellent choice for frying. It can reach high temperatures without producing off flavors. However, some may wish to avoid peanut oil due to flavor, health reasons, or because they can’t find it. This article will help you determine which oil is a good peanut oil substitute.

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Refined vs Unrefined Peanut Oil

The choice of peanut oil replacement will depend on whether you are using refined or unrefined oil. Refined peanut oil has a high smoke point and neutral flavor. Any peanut oil replacement should have the same properties. On the other hand, you may wish to replace peanut oil that is unrefined. Unrefined peanut oil has a low smoke point and may be aromatic and nutty. When finding an unrefined peanut oil replacement, the replacement oil should have a similar taste profile. Since the unrefined peanut oil already has a low smoke point, you will not have to worry that the smoke point of the unrefined peanut oil substitute will be too low.

Smoke Point (degrees)Flavor
Refined Peanut Oil450 FNeutral
Sunflower Oil450 FNeutral
Soybean Oil450 FNeutral
Grape Seed Oil400 FNeutral
Canola Oil400 FNeutral
Unrefined Sesame Oil350 FAromatic, nutty
Unrefined Peanut Oil320 FAromatic, nutty
Unrefined Walnut Oil320Aromatic, nutty

Different Peanut Oil Substitutes along with Smoke Points and Flavors

Refined Peanut Oil Substitute

When searching for a substitution for peanut oil that is refined, sunflower, soybean, grape seed, and canola oil are all good replacements. All of these oils are neutral flavored, and therefore act as a good replacement for peanut oil, which is also neutral flavored when refined. These high smoke point and neutral flavor oils are good for frying. These oils may vary in price, so you can pick one that fits your budget.

Unrefined Peanut Oil Substitute

If you’re looking for a substitute for peanut oil that is unrefined, you can use walnut oil or sesame oil. The unrefined versions of these oils are aromatic and nutty and similarly have low smoke points. Walnut oil and sesame oil make a good substitute for unrefined peanut oil because they have a similar taste. These oils have low smoke points, and therefore are not good frying oils. These peanut oil replacements are good for finishing dishes or cold preparations.

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