saffron bread with golden saffron color

Saffron Bread

Saffron bread has golden saffron color and delicate saffron flavor. Baking bread with saffron is as simple as soaking saffron threads in water, and then using that water in your bread recipe. The saffron pigment will color the water, which will then produce a golden saffron loaf.

Saffron Bread

Saffron is the world’s most expensive spice by weight. The saffron threads are picked from the center of a flower, and then dried. The red spice imparts a golden hue to dishes it is used in, adding saffron color in addition to flavor. Saffron flavor is notable as it goes well in both savory and sweet dishes.

Baking with Saffron

Baking wit saffron is simple. Saffron threads will start to leak their pigment when put in water. This process takes a bit of time and occurs more quickly as the temperature of the water goes up. That’s why it’s quicker to put your saffron threads in hot water if you want the pigment to diffuse more quickly; in other words, your water will turn yellow faster.

Baking with saffron is as easy as putting saffron in your water ahead of time. This will give the pigment time to diffuse and color the water. You can then use this water in your baking recipe. You can soak your saffron threads in a smaller quantity of water than in the recipe. For example, you can soak the threads in one cup of water. If your recipe calls for two cups, just add more water when mixing your recipe.

When mixing your dough, you can decide whether you want to keep the threads. If not, this is the time to strain them out of the water.

Saffron Color

Saffron color comes from the pigment crocin. It is a caratenoid pigment, the same organic pigments that color pumpkins, carrots, and tomatoes. In addition to providing a golden hue when dissolved in water, it has been linked to a number of positive health benefits.

Saffron Bread Types

You can put saffron in any bread type, savory or sweet. Saffron sourdough works very well. You could also add it to enriched doughs like brioche, where the saffron color would enhance the yellow color from the egg yolks.

Note: in a dough like brioche, where there may be no water in the recipe, soak the saffron in the milk you are going to use in the recipe. If you are making a dough recipe where there is no water or milk, say only eggs, soak your saffron in a small amount of water and add water. Compensate with a little bit more flour if necessary.

So try using saffron next time you bake and enjoy a beautiful golden saffron loaf.

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