Mini egg pan: Best three choices for a single egg pan

The Single Egg Pan: Best Three Choices for A One Egg Pan

The single egg pan gives you a nice sunny side up egg every time. Here are the top three picks for the best mini egg pan.

The Sunny Side Up Egg

A sunny side up egg just makes things …. well … better. Turn a plain sandwich into a more delectable spectacle with a sunny side up egg on top. Turn the Croque Monsieur into the sexier Croque Madame with a sunny side up egg on top. Or just eat it by itself as a side with salt and a generous amount of black pepper.

Since the sunny side up egg is usually on top, it’s important that it looks nice. That’s where the mini egg pan comes in. The tight round shape of the one egg pan constrains the spread of the egg white. The result is a nicely shaped sunny egg every time. In addition, a small egg pan cleans and stores easily.

Tip: Before the egg white is cooked in your one egg frying pan, push the egg yolk to the center. That way, when the egg white cooks the pretty egg yolk will be set right in the middle.

Best Single Egg Pan: Top Three Picks

Caraway Mini Fry Pan, 8 inch

This mini egg frying pan is a fantastic piece of cookware. The non-stick surface is ceramic and completely non-toxic, making your cooking healthy and easy. The Caraway non-stick fry pan is 8 inch, so will work as a single egg pan but is also large enough to cook one or two portions of other proteins and vegetables. The ceramic non-stick pan contains an aluminum core, a stainless steel handle, and is oven safe up to 550 deg. Choose your favorite of eight different color options. This non-stick ceramic egg pan is a breeze to clean and perfect to cook beautiful eggs easily and safely.

T-fal B1500 One Egg Wonder Fry Pan, 4.75 inches

This single egg fry pan is a great choice and very affordable. The circular region is 4.75 inches and still tight enough to constrain your egg to get a nice shape. This mini egg pan is built from aluminum, which means fast and even distribution when cooking your egg. It is dishwasher safe and definitely a good value buy.

GreenPan Mini Ceramic Nonstick Round Egg Pan, 5 inches

This ceramic nonstick single egg pan from GreenPan delivers the nonstick surface you need without any toxic pollutants. The pan won’t blister or release toxic fumes even if you overheat it by mistake. The 5 inch size is tight enough to constrain your egg white so you get a consistent shape each time. This pan is oven safe up to 400 degrees F, and the silicon sleeve will stay cool. This mini egg pan is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.


Joie Mini Non Stick Egg Pan, 4.5 inches

While not in the top three, this one egg frying pan will definitely do the job for a reasonable price. The cute handle is heat resistant, and the circular pan is tight at 4.5 inches. This will form a nice tight sunny side up egg for presentation. While non stick, some additional butter or oil is still recommended for best results. Not meant for high heat due to the non stick coating. This mini egg skillet is hand wash.

One Egg Cooking Conclusion

Any of these mini egg pans will produce consistent and easy sunny side up eggs. You most likely always have eggs in your refrigerator. Owning a single egg pan makes it that much easier to add a sunny side up egg to your breakfast, burger, sandwich, or toast. And remember to gently push the yolk into the middle of the egg before the white fully cooks, so that the egg will set with yolk perfectly in the center.

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